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Obama has this FCC diversity czar named Mark Lloyd. This guy really likes Hugo Chavez for some reason and he wants to kill conservative talk radio. Right now, an entity may own no more than eight stations in a large market; Mark Lloyd wants to cut that down to four. He wants there to be more liberal talk radio shows. The thing is that liberal talk shows donít work; they donít work because liberals are morons. That doesnít seem to matter to this czar; he just doesnít like free speech, so he wants to regulate it. I read an article today that interviewed the Federal Communications Commissioner, and he says that Mark Lloydís ideas are troubling, and I have to agree, the right to free speech is in our constitution, which our politicians have taken an oath to uphold, but that doesnít seem to matter much to liberals. You can read the article here.


Obama is destroying the dollar

October 14th 2009 15:45
Within the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing many articles and news shows talking about how our government is destroying our dollar. With Obamaís massive spending and the speed at which we are printing money is going to force the country into a full nationwide economic collapse. I remember learning about Germany before WWII, the country was starting to break down and the German government decided to just print all the money they would ever need. It got so bad that at one point that their money had inflated so much that it cost something like $10 million to buy a loaf of bread. Germany finally got to a point where the paper their money was printed on was worth more than the bill itself was worth. The same thing happened in a country in Africa not too long ago. Why do our politicians refuse to learn from history? Why do they believe that they can do the same thing that these countries have done and not without destroying the country in the process?

If you want to learn more, read this.

How did Obama get a Nobel Peace Prize?

October 10th 2009 03:46
If you have not heard about what happened today, let me tell you. Today, our president Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For someone that has done absolutely nothing, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I am almost speechless; I canít believe that anyone would award this man with any kind of prize, so here is an article that talks about this some more.

While Iíve got you here, there are a couple more articles that I read that are worth noting, one says that the CBOís estimate of $829 billion for Max Baucusí health care bill is wrong, and that it will really cost over $2 trillion. The second article talks about the $1.4 trillion deficit that has been racked up this year.

Who is Barack Obama? Part 2

October 8th 2009 04:50
For my part two, I have been checking out David Axelrod. After doing a little bit of looking around I have found several articles that shed a pretty shady light on David Axelrod. I will put all of the links to these articles at the bottom of this post. To start, David Axelrod and Barack Obama are actually old friends, and that is more than likely the reason that David Axelrod is now Obamaís senior advisor, there is nothing like helping out an old buddy. Now, I am not saying that Obama is a bad person for doing this; all I am saying is that, I would hope that the President of the United States of America would choose people that were qualified for the job, and not just choose your best friends. Next, there was an article I found that talked about Michelle Obama when she worked on a board for the University of Chicago Medical Center. When Mrs. Obama was working at this hospital, she came up with an imitative that was supposed to help ease some of the overcrowding at this hospital, and what it turned into was kicking out the poor and uninsured people and directing them elsewhere, so the hospital wouldnít waist time and money on these people. For some reason or another, this initiative was not as popular as hoped, so Mrs. Obama convinced the board of directors at this hospital to hire one of David Axelrodís companies to essential change the name of the initiative to something that sounded better. There was one more thing that kind of ticked me off a little was that before working to get Obama elected, Axelrod would organize ďAstroturfĒ protests and such using one of his companies. Now, I am not saying that this is necessarily bad either, but the part that ticked me off was the fact that he himself and others on the left say that the genuine opposition at town hall meetings and the 9/12 protests and tea parties were not grassroots protests but were Astroturf protests. It makes me mad that one, the left would call real people with real problems with their government using their constitutional right to protest as being manufactured by rich right wingers, and second, for some reason it is okay for Liberals to Astroturf and it is not okay for Conservatives to do the same.

This article is about Mrs. Obama and her work at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
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What is in the health care bill?

October 7th 2009 03:51
I was watching the news today, and on the show, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, she was talking to a politician that had a couple of things to say about the health care bill. The first thing is that if you do not buy some kind of health insurance plan, you will have to pay a tax, and if you do not pay this tax, you can then be fined up to $25,000 and spend a year in jail. Now you may have heard this already as it has been circling in the news for the past couple of days, but the part that I didnít know was that you must have a government approved health insurance plan. The government can say that the health insurance plan that you are on right now is not an approved plan and then they can throw you in jail. The second thing he said was in this health care bill is that there is a section that will give immunity to private insurance companies when they kill you because they denied you coverage. So, if you get some life threatening disease and you have a private health insurance plan, and that private insurance company denies you treatment, and you die as a result, this health care plan will give this insurance company immunity. Now, I thought that the main purpose of this health care reform was to stop private insurance companies from doing this, Obama himself, during his speech to a joint session, provided us with two examples of how the evil insurance companies are killing Americans, and yet they have a provision in their health care bill that provides them immunity when they kill you. Does anybody else see anything wrong with this?

Who is Barack Obama? Part 1

October 6th 2009 04:13
I was watching the news earlier today and again they played a video clip of President Obama saying something like, ďIf you want to know what kind of person I am, look at the people I surround myself withĒ. That is exactly what I want to do, I plan on doing some research on the people in Obamaís political circle, and then I will write about what I find here. So, first up is Obamaís White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

First, here is an article that says that Rahm lived in a house owed by Rep. Rosa De Lauro (D-Conn.) rent free for years and failed to disclose this gift like he was supposed to. This may not seem like a big deal, but just so you know, Rahmís net worth is somewhere between something like 5 million and 13 million dollars, so why would he need to live in this house rent free

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I was cruising around on YouTube earlier and I came across this video from The Young Turks, and for some reason they hate Rush Limbaugh. They were talking about Rushís appearance on Jay Lenoís talk show, and how much of a liar Rush is. They are entitled to their own opinion, but my problem with this ďhostĒ is that he has no problem calling someone a liar, and then starts telling lies of his own. One particular thing he said was that the income for the average person went down under, Bush, Reagan, and blah blah blah, and that the income of the richest one percent went up. Well this is a lie, and I can prove it, here is a report from the U.S. Department of the Treasury that says quite the opposite, the income of the bottom 50% went up and the income of the top 1% went down. I think that if you are going to tell people that someone is a liar, you should do some research to make sure that they really are lying.

Our government is evil.

September 30th 2009 02:14
Our politicians are still debating health care. They are pushing forward as fast as they can because for some reason, we have to have a bill passed by Thanksgiving. I think that a good reason for this deadline is because they need to pass this health care bill before people really start getting pissed off. I am way past that point, and I donít understand why there arenít more people in the same boat. I have read several articles today that really get me angry. One of those articles can be found here, and it talks about the $1,900 ďexcise taxĒ that you will have to pay if you donít get health insurance. Thatís right, the government is going to force you to get health insurance, even if you donít want it, but thatís not all, if you donít pay this tax, the IRS can fine you $25,000 and/or put you in jail for a year. If you donít want to spend your hard earned money on health insurance, and you donít pay the tax the government forces you to pay for not having it, they will treat you like a criminal. Now if that doesnít get you angry, what is it going to take?

The second article that I read, which you can read here, talks about why tort reform is not an option. If you donít know what tort reform is, it is a way to get frivolous malpractice lawsuits under control. If tort reform was passed, it would bring down the cost of healthcare because doctors would then be able to treat your actual illness instead of running test after test because the doctor is afraid of getting sued to death. The reason tort reform is not on the table is because trial lawyers are the ones that give the democrats money and help get them elected

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Michael Moore is retarded!

September 26th 2009 04:31
I was watching a video of Michael Moore talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, which you can find here. He was talking about his new movie that is coming out that will no doubt be bashing capitalism. During this interview, Blitzer asked Moore about his apparent hypocrisy of calling capitalism evil when that very economic system has served Michael Moore so very well. Unfortunately, Moore never answered the question, and it is probably because capitalism is a good system, that has helped Michael Moore make all of his money. He says that he got to where he is today by working hard, which is basically what capitalism is, if you work hard and make the right choices, then you are likely to succeed. Conversely, if you do nothing and make no effort what so ever, you will get absolutely nothing. I would like to make a point here, so bear with me, every single person that has a job, other than those with a government job, makes their money from rich people. I have never understood the utter hatred for the rich, when they are the ones that give people jobs. So, imagine yourself as a rich person, and you have a business. Letís say that your business requires at least three employees. One of your employees works very hard and is good at his job, the second doesnít work as hard as the first but still does the work required for the job, and the third employee does absolutely nothing at all. Now, it doesnít take a rocket scientist to know that the first employee should make to most money of the three and have more responsibility, the second employee will get a standard amount of pay based on the job he does, and the third would be fired instantly. This is how capitalism works, it rewards the hard workers and punishes the ones that do nothing, and I think that it is a great system. Now to go back to Michael Mooreís interview, the more he talked the clearer it became to me that Michael Moore is retarded. I would also like to ask Michael Moore to do some research before he starts to call an economic system that works very well, evil, and instead of calling capitalism bad, how about we start calling corruption bad, which I believe is the major cause of the problems we have with our government and economic system.

What is Obama doing?

September 22nd 2009 16:19
Alright, everyone knows that these are dangerous times, and according to the Guardian in the U.K., it could get a lot worse. Obama wants to redesign our nuclear weapon doctrine and cut our nuclear weapons arsenal way back. His ultimate goal is to rid the world of nuclear weapons all together. However, I donít think that is going to work to well. Iran now has the technology to make nuclear weapons, which is bad enough, but I donít think that if we cut back on our nuclear weapons, Iran will destroy theirs. I also tend to believe that our vast arsenal of nuclear weapons is what keeps the U.S. as an opposing and formidable foe and less likely to downright nuclear annihilation by the hands of other countries that hate the United States. I donít think that if we cut back on our nuclear weapons other countries are going to follow suit, and I think that other countries will start to see us as a weaker country, and now with fewer nuclear weapons, less likely to defend ourselves. I have to say that this scares me, and I am starting to wonder if Obama just hates the U.S., or if he doesnít hate our country, then he sure as hell doesnít know what the hell he is doing.

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